How to put subtitles on TikTok + 3 tips when creating

Subtitles on TikTok are a very important feature not only in terms of accessibility but also in terms of video optimization. TikTok videos with subtitles often perform better as, in some circumstances, users cannot hear the sound or clearly understand the video conversation. In addition, subtitles make TikTok videos more viewer-friendly and give an impression of professionalism. For that reason, throughout this guide, we’ll explore how to put subtitles on TikTok, as well as other important settings. Check out. Content: 1. Why use subtitles on TikTok videos? 2. How to put subtitles on TikTok? 2.1. How to create automatic subtitles for videos on TikTok app. 2.2. How to put subtitles on TikTok videos with CapCut app. 3. Is it possible to put subtitles on TikTok after being posted? 4. How to customize your TikTok video subtitle fonts and colors 5. 3 tips when putting subtitles on TikTok.

Pay attention to the margins of the screen.

Be careful with the color contrast of the font of the subtitles. 5.3. 3 – Beware of offensive words. 6. Conclusion Why use subtitles on TikTok videos? Subtitles on videos ensure accessibility for people with hearing impairments and also allow viewers to understand the video’s narrative more clearly. They add more dynamism to the video and you will notice that people feel more encouraged to watch them when they are subtitled. If your videos tend to be educational and you use some technical terms, for example, subtitles Romania Business Email List can help people learn how to spell words. And we can’t help but add the benefit of increasing your engagement on TikTok by increasing more information about your video content through subtitles. How to put subtitles on TikTok? Advertising There are two alternatives to put subtitles on your TikTok videos: the first is to activate the application’s automatic subtitles.

The second is to create them yourself

The app’s automatic subtitles are a good way to save time by not having to create them yourself. The application itself does a quick reading of the video conversation and generates subtitles corresponding to the present narrative. Using automatic subtitles also has another advantage, which is to provide TikTok’s algorithms with data about the content of your video, since the platform’s native tool reads the content of the narrative. However, although these advantages exist, it is also important to observe some points. The first is that the automatic captions generated by the TikTok app may not correctly match the lines in your video. That is, you will almost always have to manually edit the generated caption. Subtitles  DJ USA automatically generated by TikTok do not have formatting options, such as fonts, sizes, colors and others. How to create automatic subtitles for videos on TikTok app. So, to generate automatic subtitles on TikTok.

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