Recently JMC was entrusted by a new customer to develop an existing application but still has a lot of homework. After studying and conducting a series of analyzes on the application to find the best solution. We were again surprised by the results. The application turned out to be built only with PHP Maker. Again and again we encounter this kind of thing. Actually, what’s wrong with building an application with PHP Maker. It’s not bad, but actually PHP Maker is only suitable for creating forms whose business processes are simple. Don’t need a lot of adjustments and the possibility of future development is small. Meanwhile.

We all know that the majority of government-owned

Applications have quite complex business Tv and Radio Broadcasting Email List processes. Usually in one form in government. Applications there are many conditions that must be accommodated. Including the need for development both in. The context of adjusting to changing regulations and the need for new information such as analysis. Decision support  notifications, securities, etc. Build a house, if we have wrongly built a foundation then the house will not stand properly. For example, if we have already built the foundation for a one-story house.

It is impossible for our house to be renovated into a three-story building in the future. If forced our house can even collapse. The only way is to lay a new foundation. Likewise with building an Information System. So be careful when starting your Information System development. Check the technical specifications first. Don’t let the money and hard work that has been spent be in vain because you have to repeat the job.

Here are some tips from JMC:

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Make sure the service provider you choose uses a Model View Controller (MVC) based framework. Why do you have to use a framework, not PHP from scratch or pure PHP. This is useful if in the future the system is developed by a different DJ USA programmer. So it won’t take long to study the source code. Coding is not art, the framework has standardized for programmers to have the same coding patterns. Frameworks make maintenance and development easier and faster. Make sure the framework is open source. If you have excess funds, using a paid framework is a good thing.

However, if you don’t have large funds, you should choose an open source framework, not a framework made by a particular company. Because if you use a framework that is not used in general. Then chances are you will be locked into the service provider continuously. Make sure the service provider you choose has loyal customers.

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