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offered by IDCamp for 3 (three) consecutive years. Real developers create solutions, not assumptions Of course, becoming a true professional developer capable of creating various digital solutions cannot be achieved simply by memorizing programming theory. Theory needs to be implemented by directly coding practice by trying various case studies and repeating them. Achmad Ichsan did just that. Knowing his goal clearly, in his 5th semester he took the initiative to put all his knowledge into practice and try to become a freelance developer. Thanks to the skill development of various projects, Ichsan successfully participated in several software .

development projects during about

3 semesters of freelancing. The portfolio is also getting better. What’s also exciting is that he also managed to pocket . The Indonesian rupiah even though he was still in college! Of course. Having extra income is every student’s dream. RightIchsan said that based on his whatsapp database experience working directly in industry experience, he becomes more and more open-minded about the world of programming. He learned that coding for real-world needs was much more complex than what he had learned in college. According to him, “A true developer must be able to differentiate between coding that creates applications based on personal assumptions and coding that creates digital solutions based on market needs.” After working on various projects in industry as a freelance developer, he also realized that all the projects he was .

working on were designed

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To meet user needs and not stem from developer assumptions. He said, “There is no use in making a good app, the code is OK, but no one uses it because no one needs it.” This is why fintech company DANA did not hesitate to hire Ichsan as a software developer personnel, even before he graduated from college. Dare to dream = dare to face obstacles Maybe Ichsan’s journey from DJ USA being labeled “techless” to becoming a technology developer for a well-known company looks smooth. However, this is not the case. Ichsan has also experienced various obstacles on the way to his current position. “Actually, I’ve been through a lot of difficult times.

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