The reason for marketing failure in companies

The reason  I have been reflecting for a few days on the reasons outside of operations. Therefore,that lead us to fail in our attempt to make. After that, profitable our investment of time and money in making our digital marketing. Therefore, activity profitable . I am referring to reasons that are not normally taken into account, but which are really behind the majority of failures when it comes to achieving digital marketing objectives.

Phases to achieve success in a marketing project The reason

The reason  Note that I have set phases to get TO success, and industry email list not TO reach success (understood as the moment. After that, in which the results exceed. Therefore, expectations and the marketing activity begins to be profitable in every sense). That is, I am going to try to describe the process that companies or projects go through, not to give you a magic recipe (you already know they don’t exist!). 1. Initial release In this first phase, basic digital channels. After that, are usually launched, more by intuition and what they see in other companies, than by a thoughtful decision. First version. Therefore, of the website and usually a profile on social networks .

First serious approach to digital marketing

They realize that after the launch they must DJ USA define a more thoughtful. Therefore, strategy if they want to start seeing results. They start by trying to do it with their own resources. If they are entrepreneurs. After that,they start reading, train, etc. and if it is a company, they hire a person to start managing the more technical issues in which the current team does not have the necessary knowledge or experience. 

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