Audio data is changed to click the

Click the export icon to change the file format from voice data to .   the transcription result as a file. Click the export button to output as a file The above is the transcription result export function. The method described in this article is to output to a file but you can also output to a file or a file.

In addition to transcription

Results, information such as the elapsed time of each utterance Dominican Republic Mobile Number List and automatic speaker identification can be output at the same time. This feature is great for creating meeting minutes, interviews and learning, so why not take this opportunity to consider introducing it? FAQ Here are some frequently asked questions about voice input.

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How to Activate Voice Typing

You can activate Dictation by typing DJ USA Speech Recognition in the search field and selecting Speech Recognition or pressing the shortcut key logo. How to set up voice input Enter voice recognition from the search bar Select voice recognition to display the voice input function, right-click to configure detailed settings. What is the keyboard shortcut for voice typing You can use the logo to activate voice recognition.

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