DIY is again making innovations in 2014. After successfully winning 1st place in Development Planning at the awarding of the National Pangripta. Utama Cup held by Bappenas last May, DIY is currently initiating application integration between Regional Work Units (SKPD). This integration starts with trying to connect data between applications.

These applications are SIPD Regional Profile Information System

Planning SI, SIPKD (Regional Financial Cable and Pay Tv Services Email List Management Information System), Web Monev (Monitoring & Evaluation), Asset SIM (Asset Management Information System), and Income Application. The purpose of this integration is so that the SKPD as the user does not make repeated entries in different applications. In addition, integration is also useful in efforts to maintain data consistency from planning, implementation, to evaluation. Improve efficiency, effectiveness and suitability of data.

Of course this is a challenge that is not simple

Job Function Email Database

Even until now it is unknown if there are other regions that have done it. However, through the mechanism implemented, DIY is very optimistic DJ USA that this can be realized. This application integration work is carried out by JMC as the appointed IT Consultant. JMC will use several technologies to accommodate these needs, including Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and Data Warehouse. EAI functions to make business processes between applications so that they can be integrated with each other.

Meanwhile, the Data Warehouse functions to manage all data in one place to produce new information that has added value, one of which is an executive system that displays analytical data. Through the success of this integration, it is hoped that there will be an increase in the quality of the bureaucracy within the DIY Regional Government.

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