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You can use your computer or smartphone’s br. Towser recording to upload existing audio data, and add subtitles to videos. language processing technology, it can read natural Japanese including punctuation marks. An hour of voice data is transcribed in approximately five minutes. Both the transcription data and the voice data are stored on the service. Voice data and transcription data can also be downloaded separately.

Basic Function Rate Plan

Support Language Japanese Only Support Oper. Rating System Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List Support Video File Transcription Time Live Use Audio Yen Second Video Yen Second Flat Rate Hour Text Editing Voice Search Manual Correction Enterprise Management Function File Export Live Use Pay-As-You-Go System Audio Yen-Second Video Yen-Second Flat Rate Yen-Hour Voice Installation.

Phone Number List

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Video Transcription Video Captioning is an DJ USA automatic speech-to-text co. Fnversion service based on artificial intelligence Supported languages include Japanese and English. In addition to real-time transcription you can automatically transcribe recordings and existing audio files. Furthermore, all data is encrypted and secured so even data files with confidential agendas can be used with confidence.

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