How to create an online home and decor store

Creating a home and decoration online store is an excellent investment idea, especially at the moment we are living. After the covid-19 crisis, in which people were forced to reinvent themselves, work from home and also shop online, the home and decoration sector has evolved a lot – and continues to grow. But to create a successful online home and decor store, it’s important to understand more about the industry and come up with your strategies. In addition, there are very important tips that help boost your business, either for those who want to start from scratch or even for those who already have a physical store and want to open a virtual store . Check out more below! Here you will see: How is the home and decoration sector? Home and decor sector. Current scenario How to create a home and decoration online store.

Home and decor sector current scenario

The pandemic has certainly impacted the economy. However, the home and decoration market had a great increase in this period. With the change in customer habits, they created a more intimate relationship with their homes, starting to care even more about the functionality and decoration of the environments. Many people Benin Mobile Number List started to cook, work, create a vegetable garden, cut their own hair, organize spaces for hobbies, all in their own homes. This sparked interest in further modifying and decorating these environments. And the rise of online shopping has been a huge driver for ecommerce, creating and accelerating new trends . According to a survey published by the Terra portal and carried out by the IEMI market intelligence institute, in 2020, at the beginning of the covid-19 crisis, the home and decoration sector recorded a 4.65% increase in retail sales compared.

5 tips for creating your online home and decor store

Diversify Even if you work with a single product, it is essential to diversify in color, size, pattern, material, among others. That way, you can please different audiences and increase sales. It’s important to have service options as well. If your store only sells furniture, for example, you can partner with assemblers. Thus, your client already has a complete experience. It’s also worth remembering to diversify delivery (post office, carrier, store pickup) and payment methods (credit card, boleto, Pix etc. ). Give your customers options. 2. Pay attention to the images and descriptions Online stores don’t allow the customer to use their DJ USA five senses to decide what to buy, do they? Therefore, it is important to offer means for him to “feel” the experience, even if he only has vision and/or hearing. After all, many home and decoration products have higher costs.

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