Consultant Kembali Berkesempatan Melaksanakan Kegiatan Pelatihan

Users will also be given  to visualize data in the form of graphs or maps, with sources from the Geospatial Information Agency. Mardianto admitted that the development of the Data.

website took a long time

Because he had to collect various  Automotive Dealers, Gasoline Service Email List data from various agencies. Each of them has a different data format, is closed (.jpg, .pdf, and so on) so it is difficult to reprocess, there is even data that is paid for. For this reason, UKP4 plans to arrange regulations regarding data and institutions so that the format is uniform and easier to enter into the data portal.

The Open Data Challenge

Job Function Email Database

The challenge going forward is to form an open data ecosystem . Starting from data providers, data management teams, communities that utilize data, and communities that drive open data initiatives . All of these  DJ USA elements must play an active role and collaborate. “If people don’t consume existing data, data providers will also be lazy to open data. Vice versa,” added Mardianto.

Bernard Myers (Senior Public Sector Specialist, World Bank) expressed a similar opinion. “Data publication is just the beginning.

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