Cleanliness will be the key words of this new phase

Cleanliness will be the key words of this new phase of our coexistence with the virus. Internet users expect information and advice on these aspects relat to the pandemic from the mia and from the brands themselves. No one. Including brands. Will be able to avoid contextualizing communications and social content in relation to the very particular context we are experiencing.
A second identifi trend is also link to this. That of greater awareness of users and. In particular. Of the new generations.

 Strongly influences brands and society

Always with a phone at hand. Always connect. Young people are us to communicating and reading everything that circulates on the web and on social platforms. Today we are fac with a socially conscious new database  generation. Which demands answers and truth and which. Therefore. Strongly influences brands and society. Companies. Brands and influencers will have to commit more to issues such as mental health. Inclusiveness and social justice:As we know. Is also lightheart: and this is why it is increasingly common to see memes on any topic. Theme and emotion. Effective. Funny. They often communicate more than the words themselves.

new base

The risk is that of becoming irrelevant

The risk is that of becoming irrelevant or. At the very least. Anachronistic.
Information and stop fake news : social mia and the web are important sources of information available to everyone. But it is precisely this being for everyone that often turns into “Being at the mercy”. Especially in a moment like the current DJ USA one. In which fear and uncertainty are rampant. The danger of misinformation and fake news is around the corner: it will be up to giants like facebook & co. To clarify and ban those who disseminate falsehoods.

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