Carrefour and Publicis get on the retail media

The “retail media” is growing in an absolutely crazy way and is still far from reaching its ceiling. According to BCG Partners forecasts. The global retail media market will surpass the $100 billion mark in 2026. When this discipline will swallow 25% of the digital advertising pie. For this reason. In view of the prosperous future that retail media has ahead, Publicis Groupe has decided to create a “joint venture” in this field of activity with which it has the reputation of being one of the largest retailers in the world. European: Carrefour. The “joint venture” of Publicis Groupe and Carrefour. Which has not yet been baptized with any name. Will launch during the first half of 2023 in continental Europe and Latin America (in Brazil and Argentina specifically) . 

Retail media has a lot of potential in Europe and Latin America

The alliance between Publicis Groupe and Carrefour industry email list therefore takes place at an ideal time and will provide advertisers with direct access to the French retailer’s 80 million customers. “With this alliance our digital transformation takes on a new dimension and allows us to access new markets with a lot of growth,” emphasizes Alexandre Bompard, president and CEO of Carrefour. In 2021. The supermarket and hypermarket group launched its own retail media platform with the support of Criteo. Google and LiveRamp. And now it intends to scale its efforts in this area with the help of Publicis Groupe. Which in June of this year unified its “retail media” platform after the acquisition of the technology companies Epsilon and CitrusAd.

Retail media is offering a plethora of opportunities to advertisers

However, the fragmentation of this market in Europe and Latin DJ USA America makes it difficult for brands to extract their full potential from retail media. «That is why we have decided to act. “We are facing a milestone that will help advertisers regain control of their customer relationships, accelerate their entry into the cookieless universe and implement successful media strategies,” says Sadoun. The joint venture will be 51% owned by Carrefour and 49% owned by Publicis Groupe and is expected to begin operating at full capacity during the first half of next year.

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