The app was originally invite-only and

. TIt is widely used as a voice app not only by ordinary people but also  Once launched, it gained explosive popularity due to the ease of listening to celebrity conversations.  closed to the public but is now open to everyone. Basic functions You can create a chat room and connect with other users. Features that can run in the background The chat room may be closed depending on the purpose. You can listen to it like a radio at work Outline is an audio distribution app from South Korea.

The service was launched in

Japan in . It is used by over 10,000 users and has China Mobile Number List many resellers so you can enjoy it without getting bored. You can enjoy videos of popular creators active in Korea and live bro. Yadcasts of idols. It also features a guest live feature that lets you colla. Yborate with your audience so you can enjoy live releases even closer. Basic Functions Switch between two modes Broadcasting Video Rich Category Throwing System Features Up to 1 People Live Streaming.

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Hosting Events with Special

Offers Monthly Yen I recommend this hotel to DJ USA those who like it to those who want to connect with users all over the world to enjoy chat Pococha Overview With more than ten thousand users, you can enjoy various live distributions such as chat karaoke. It also has a lot of amateur streamers as opposed to having a lot of celebrity streams and having a lot of live streams. Earning System Using Monetary Tips Listeners can use coins to buy support items and send them to dealers.

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