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the fuck. During the year, I kept trying to sell more products – my goal was to sell them monthly – but seeing the failure of the launch, I realized that it was not easy to sell these quantities monthly. Such is the case. By the end of the year, I had sold a few more, but I have to say that the end result was disappointing, which made me rethink many things about the goal of earning parallel income through training.

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I have the idea of launching a new course   new data  every year ( online store, membership, college), but I think these types of courses with such a wide range of content are not really popular today. Email Marketing Because I decided to launch my first complete information product this year, I wanted to enhance the use of email marketing and start using another technology to communicate with my subscribers.

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This technology is used by many of today’s best references to send a daily copy-based email with well-thought-out features and structure. I did not send emails every day because I had to take care of my web service clients and I could not do more, but I considered sending two emails on Wednesday and Sunday to try   DJ USA   to boost sales of my course. The experience at the beginning of the year was positive, with about open rates, but I think my list shows signs of exhaustion, with my average open rates at the end of the year in between.

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