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What you need to take an online course What you need to take an online course depends on the course method. For example on-demand distribution does not require a camera or microphone and only allows viewing of recorded course content.  all of the following for But we recommend future reference. A convenient application function of an Internet-connected environment camera microphone speaker online course such as a smartphone tablet terminal for connection is rapidly becoming popular as an online meeting tool that supports communication in business and education environments.

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Development of online courses has become an indispensable part. Here we will explain in detail the useful application functions in the class. Breakout Rooms Breakout Rooms Breakout rooms are designed to break a large group of people into smaller Lebanon Mobile Number List groups for discussion and group work. Teachers and organizers can divide participants into any number of rooms and monitor and direct activity in each room. The benefits of breakout rooms can also be used for group production assignments and discussions by breaking into small groups. Encourages interaction among students and supports deeper understanding.

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Lrge group, they can get the opportunity to speak in groups. Voting Voting is a paid feature of . This is a function to view students’ opinions and understanding in real time. You can pace your lessons and check your students’ understanding by administering quizzes and surveys. Advantages of Poll Quickly collect student opinions and feedback. You can flexibly adjust the pace and DJ USA content of the course. You can communicate by using quizzes and surveys. Chat Chat’s chat feature allows you to send and receive text messages. Students can ask questions and teachers can share important information. The advantage of chatting is the ability to communicate without using audio or video. You can ask questions without interrupting the speaker. You can easily share documents and links.

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