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Its about attracting organic attention and traffic and is therefore exactly the same intent declar by Facebook with the introduction of the new algorithm. How do you write content capable of involving and convincing users to interact through a comment Lets see it together. How to write content that generates interactions While waiting to evaluate the real impact of the new algorithm on B2B digital marketing campaigns it is essential to be proactive and anticipate the change.

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 Leader in your industry distributing high-quality ucational and useful content that increases the companys reputation. The results of a content marketing activity of this type will not only impact Facebooks performance but the entire lead generation strategy . How to evaluate your content Here are some questions with which to evaluate your content and ensure that it receives the right attention from potential customers. Does your company have its own opinion and express it If this is not the case it is better to take action otherwise you would run the risk of writing content that is too generic or superficial.

The companys voice must

Attract and maintain the attention of prospects and to achieve the objective it must tell its opinion on the main challenges affecting the sector. For example if in this article we chose to take sides “against” the introduction of the new Facebook algorithm many people would probably comment: some in agreement others in disagreement but a conversation would certainly start. And arent conversations the basis of social mia What makes your company DJ USA unique Is there a product or service that sets you apart from your competitors This is what makes a brand interesting in the eyes of prospects.

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