Asia Membuktikan Dirinya Sebagai Dunia Yang

However, when I looked for it,  to be found. This is what people often complain about,” said Mardianto Jatna (Assistant Head of UKP4). In early September 2014, OGI also introduced the Indonesian Data Portal (

Whereas satulayanan net

Focuses on public information, data. Contains  Retail Email List more datasets and statistics on various fields, such as the economy, population, health, and the environment. At launch, there were more than 700 datasets sourced from around 24 agencies, including ministries. State agencies, and local governments who are pioneers of openness (DKI Jakarta, Bandung, Bojonegoro).

was developed since

Job Function Email Database

February 2014 on an open source platform , introduced by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in May 2014, and has been visited by more than 8,000 visitors,” said Mardianto. All data on this site can be accessed freely and free of charge. An API is  DJ USA available for developers who want to utilize the data here. Users will also be given the opportunity to visualize data in the form of graphs or maps, with sources from the Geospatial Information Agency.

Mardianto admitted that the development of the website took a long time because he had to collect various data from various agencies.

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