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It also proposes satisfying human nes in such a way that the student constantly tests himself in the timely search for solutions where no idea, no matter how strange it may seem, will be discard since the basis of this methodology promotes divergent, creative points of view; that is, those off-the-charts thoughts. Not only Design thinking meets several phases, which in ucational terms are detail below: Feel: Identify the situations in your environment that you do not like. Imagine: What is found? What can be done? Take action: Test your ideas. Share: Express it to the world and make your proposal known. Reflect:

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How satisfi are you with the change? If necessary, start over. The participation of all agents in ideas, prototype design, testing and permanent improvement is essential. What is sought is to generate creativity, this agile methodology invites us to create creative solutions by connecting business lead with others. According to Papert (1999), cit by Quintanilla et al. (2014), “we learn best by doing… but we learn best if we combine what we do with what we talk and think about what we do.” Therefore, in ucation, what is sought is for the teacher to no longer be the protagonist, but rather the facilitator. The following situation can be taken as a reference (as an example):

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In the Communication I class, students will test the skills, competencies and skills they acquir in the course and quickly recognize the errors that exist in writing advertising panels. To do this, a representative sample is collect by groups and they begin by answering the following: what comes to mind when you see those grammatical errors? (Feel). How can it be solv? (Imagine). Students are challeng to be part of the change through idea generation. To do this, the teacher DJ USA provides “post-its” so that the students can make their imagination flow through role-playing.and thus specify their thinking with the design of graphics, diagrams, loose ideas, etc. (Act). Subsequently, the functionality of the challenge is test. Interest parties are sought and their idea is communicat outside. Of class (Share).

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