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The group headed for the last tourist attraction, the Farm House. This tourist attraction presents parks and animal farms that produce quality products, one of which is milk. Apart from parks and animal farms, the Farm House also pampers visitors with Dutch village-themed buildings, fences to attach love locks, and rental of traditional Dutch clothes for those who like to take pictures.

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Spots for visitors is the Hobbit House like Gmail Email List  in the movie The Lord of the Rings. What’s interesting is that the entrance ticket voucher can be exchanged for a glass of milk or sausage, you know!Those were a series of visits to the 2016 JMC IT Consultant tourism activities. With these tourism activities, JMC IT Consultant employees became fresher after every day struggling in their work routines.

In additionourism activities

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Can also establish cohesiveness and cooperation between employees. In the future, we hope that JMC IT Consultants can make tourist visits to other interesting DJ USA  places, both domestically and abroad. See you at the picnic next year..!!Post navigation Previous Article JMC Got Talent Next Article When is the E-Government Turn? RELATED ARTICLES Get to Know JMC Pictures Better
JMC IT Consultants continue to make various efforts and innovations to introduce information technology-based products to advance the nation, both through works, achievements, and through.

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