After applying all these SEO techniques for TikTok

As we said: it depends. However, the cards are on the table, all facing you and clearly telling you where your best chance of becoming a successful content creator lies. And how to know the target audience?” See which videos they are interacting with and which hashtags these content uses. Checking the comments the target audience writes and the messages they send. viral challenges, size of user community. Chances of a content creator to stand out in a short time (even with a small amount of followers ) and the most promising algorithm, there is no doubt… privately is also a good way to do this. 2 – Research the best keywords. By knowing the target audience, in addition to knowing their preferences. Regarding the type of content they like to watch, you also discover the keywords and expressions they use most when searching for something on TikTok. One of the best tools for you to discover what are the most searched subjects on the internet is Semrush. By clicking on the exclusive link below, you can try Semrush with all its features for free for 14 days.

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Use TikTok’s own search bar to discover the keywords that your audience searches for the most. In our test, for example, when entering the keyword . funny videos”, the social network showed other related terms that were heavily searched for: funny videos to laugh a lot, funny videos of animals, funny videos for status, funny memes videos, among others . TikTok shines like a diamond. Of course, it is important to point out that all this does not negate the possibilities of success if you create a profile on Kwai and produce content there. 3 – Strategically insert the keywords in the content. Once you’ve identified which keywords Italy Business Email List your target audience searches for the most, it’s time to strategically insert them into the content. In this step, you need to place them in titles, captions, descriptions. Hashtags and in other sections of the platform where you can enter text, such as on the screen itself. Saying the keywords clearly and “cleanly” also helps the social network algorithms to “listen” and, from there, use them in optimization.

Oh and remember to use variations of the main keyword

Not overuse them. Advertising 4 – Use your videos on other platforms. If you have a blog, you can use it to boost your videos on TikTok. Here what you will do is embed the video as a medium. If you don’t have a blog post related to one of your videos on TikTok, you can create one for that purpose. When applying this technique, however, just be sure to also apply SEO techniques for Google, such as inserting your keyword in the title, subtitles and throughout the text. 5 – Monitor results (always!). monitor the results they will generate. It’s the way to find out if they are working or not. In addition, this monitoring will also help you discover new aspects that you can address in your videos and ranking techniques. Practice the best SEO DJ USA techniques for TikTok Advertising This is what will make your videos stand out. It’s what will make them easy to find. Then apply the SEO techniques learned in this content, monitor them and, when possible, improve. By doing this, whether you have a personal or professional profile, you will get great results.

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