According to a study by Frost & Sullivan


 By optimizing the IVR experience, large volumes of incoming calls can be handle more efficiently. During peak times, such as rush hours or special events, call centers can be overwhelme with calls. IVR can absorb these high volume calls and direct customers to specific information or services.  call centers using IVR can manage three times more calls simultaneously than call centers without IVR.


 Personalized Customer Experience

Using speech recognition technology, voice response Latvia Mobile Number List devices can identify customers and provide personalized menu options based on their profile. You can create a personal and enjoyable customer experience that strengthens the relationship between your company and your customers.

 URA can then provide customers

with personalized menu options based on their purchasing Saudi Arabia Phone Number List history, location, or language preferences. Not only does this help clients, it also improves their overall experience with the company by helping advisors find the information or services they nee.


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