A trend on the other hand has the role of inspiring users

To create their own videos following the format of the original. As you can see, trend and challenge are different, although there is the possibility of challenges becoming trends. How to find TikTok trends? You’ve already figured out what the main characteristics of a TikTok trend are – they’ll come in handy later – now, here are some tips for finding them. Advertising At first, it is not very difficult to find TikTok trends. TikTok has a report with the week’s trends that are popping in the app. You can also find them manually by searching for trending or trending hashtags in TikTok’s search bar. But not all results that appear should be considered as TikTok trends, as many users tag videos in these hashtags randomly. Therefore, the characteristics you learned before become useful for identifying true trends. Although there are other videos that “contaminate.

The search results for trends on TikTok

A good portion of the results will show the main trends. You can search some of the top TikTok hashtags and analyze the videos that appear in the results. The legitimate trends will certainly be present and highlighted in most of these hashtags. Here are the hashtags you can search on TikTok to find what’s trending right now: trends trend tiktoktrends trendstiktok trendschallenge trendsong dancetrends trendsetterz When you search for these hashtags, you will get several results of videos tagged in these tags. There are several types of trends that you may come across when searching for each of the above hashtags. Below are the types Sweden Business Email List of TikTok trends you may encounter. 4 types of trends on TikTok Advertising From some characteristics it is also possible to identify the types of trends that you find on TikTok. We separate 4 types, namely.

This is the most common type of trend you’ll find on TikTok

There’s a pretty reasonable explanation for this, and TikTok initially being a “swing dance” app is the reason why. In its debut, TikTok mostly had this type of content in abundance, but over time, the TikTok network has changed and is now home to a variety of other content . Although this is no longer the case today, there are still many dance TikToks and, most of the time, they become famous trends on the app. 2 – Trend challenge. Challenge trends are also quite common. You will find them in different formats and their characteristic is that they are very entertaining. Challenges are also content that was initially DJ USA plentiful on TikTok. Even today challenges are very successful. 3 – Trolling trends. Advertising Another type of trend that you will find in abundance are TikTok trends that involve trolling. sound or audio. The creator is the one who develops.

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