A Community Manager explains her Online Marketing Plan to us

A Community Manager explains her Online Marketing Plan to us. We visited La Casa Encendida and learned from Chiara Cabrera, 4 examples of participation and loyalty to position our brand on Social Networks . With hard work and being clear that valuable content is king on the internet , they have managed to grow their community and many loyal followers, with whom they generate daily feedback. This has been, to a large extent, the basis of the success of its online presence. If something characterizes our Community Manager course, it is the practical training and direct contact with companies.

Social Network Strategy

Social Network Strategy. In these almost 4 years of online presence. Therefore, Chiara recognizes that it has been difficult for La Casa Encendida to position its email leads brand on Social Networks . However, thanks to their perseverance and conviction in doing things well. Therefore, they have managed to have such good numbers that they translate into loyal followers with whom they generate feedback on a daily basis.

4 examples of participation and loyalty

 4 examples of participation and loyalty It is among the cultural events. Therefore, with which they achieve enormous visibility. Therefore, this year it celebrated its thirteenth edition. It is a musical marathon DJ USA of 11 hours in a row that they carry out every year with Radio 3 at La Casa Encendida. 26 artists take to the stages of the Patio and the Auditorium. Therefore, bringing together more than 5,000 people.

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