You can listen to audio anytime so find and follow your favorite accounts to enjoy audio content that suits you. Basic features Connect with multiple people by voice Voice posting feature Can leave recordings Can talk to up to people People who communicate with various people Current voice Overview of current voice is a voice distribution application that allows you to enjoy the voices of various types of celebrities, such as athletes, shogi players, and actors.

Ordinary users cannot distribute freely but can hear the voices of top leaders in various fields. You can use your smartphone anywhere or use it easily as long as there is an Internet environment. There is also a live distribution function, so you can hear what celebrities are talking about in real time is also a highlight. Basic functions Can comment, like, share posts on Features Receive replies from top players in each field.

You can easily listen to the distribution while you are working Higher Version Rate Plan First Week Free Free After Period Monthly Yen I recommend this hotel for people who want to hear thoughts and ideas from celebrities and people who want to support celebrities and athletes Himalayas Himalayas Overview Himalayas originated in China is global Voice platform with the largest number of users. A staggering 100 million downloads worldwide Anyone can create and stream their own channel.

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