You can enjoy speeches in various styles similar to broadcasting. Many of our listeners are business people of all ages who often listen to us during their morning and evening commutes to gather information. Recommended for those who don’t have time to read text but want to listen to audio through headphones to gather information. Basic functions range from recording to posting on smartphones. You can also reply to comments. Use the analysis function for data analysis.

Live broadcasting is also possible. Features One of the largest voice platforms in Japan with more than 10,000 registered users. Only those who have passed the screening can realize monetization on the past channels. Delivery Compatible Operating System Smartphone Tablet PC or higher Android or higher PC or higher or higher Rate Plan Premium Listener Monthly JPY Webinars etc. Depends on Personal Character Paid Broadcast Single JPY Up to several thousand yen Lecture Seminars, etc.

File depends on individual personality I recommend this hotel People who want to distribute audio People who want to listen to lectures by their favorite entertainers People who want to make money Tavern Tavern overview is a one-person Speech app that makes it easy to post your voice. As with regular Follow and Timeline features users can connect with each other via voice. Users can use a method called voice posting to express their thoughts or what they want to say.

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