Key Points for Selecting Voice Distribution and Applications The points to consider when selecting a voice distribution application are as follows. Is there a lot of users? Is it convenient for delivery? Do you want to distribute and listen to a certain type of music? Please refer to each application as a criterion for selecting a voice application. Do you have a lot of users? An app with a large number of users has a better chance of connecting with more people and therefore a higher chance of your live stream being broadcast.

Popular apps tend to receive donations from more listeners due to their large number of users, which can easily lead to monetary benefits. Also from the viewer’s point of view there are many publishers which is a big advantage so you can listen to various releases so it’s hard to get bored. Wouldn’t it be attractive for people who listen to audio while working or exercising? However, due to the large number of users, you may be buried by other distributors when you decide to distribute, so please be careful in advance.

Ease of delivery? Ease of distribution and ease of onboarding are important factors when choosing a voice application. The simple and easy-to-understand operation process lowers the threshold for beginners who use voice applications for the first time. Also in voice applications there are applications that cannot be adapted on the dealer side unless they have undergone a certain review so we recommend applications that you can start immediately.

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