3 Reasons Why Affiliate Marketing May Not Work For You

Per click – the aim of the affiliate here is to generate traffic to the website or online store. A common scenario would be to persuade the reader to leave the affiliate site and go to the merchant’s website to learn more about what is being promoted.

Per lead – For pay per lead, affiliates need to convince their audience to visit the merchant’s website and take the desired action. This can be a free trial subscription, downloading a file, or simply filling out a survey.

Per install – this is similar to pay per lead but most common in the tech and SaaS industries. In this scheme, affiliates are paid when users install company applications or software.

4 reasons why affiliate marketing is worth it

There are many good reasons why you should start affiliate marketing, but here are the main benefits to consider:

Affiliate marketing is promoted as a low-entry but profitable sales channel, not only for brands but also for marketers.

Again, you don’t need high-level marketing skills to promote products effectively. And becoming an affiliate does not require you to have a large start-up capital.

Passive income

To give you an idea, the average database salary from affiliate marketing is $53,290 per year, according to PayScale. Affiliate marketers in the bottom 10% make about $36,000, while those in the top 10% make about $74,000.

Those numbers can tell you that there is potential income to be made in affiliate marketing. The best part? You have freedom and flexibility in this career. You can generate income 24/7, anywhere, and without the usual time pressures of an office job.

As long as someone clicks or buys using the hyperlink, you will earn money.

You can achieve a healthy work-life balance


Maintaining a healthy work-life balance can be difficult, but it is the ideal position that almost everyone aspires to achieve.

Given the benefits of being an affiliate marketer, creating a work-life balance in this field is very much achievable.

Affiliate marketing is great for those DJ USA who are already familiar with online business such as bloggers, social media influencers or anyone who is passionate about building an audience and likes to share their interests and knowledge online.

Despite the obvious advantages, affiliate marketing may not be for everyone. To manage your expectations, here are some things to consider

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